HYRO Energy Limited is a joint venture between RES and Octopus Energy Generation. HYRO has been established to deliver home-grown, reliable and cost-competitive sources of clean hydrogen from renewables to help energy-intensive industrial businesses decarbonise hard-to-electrify processes.

HYRO is developing green hydrogen solutions to make the most of local renewable sources of energy when it’s sunny and windy, helping to reduce emissions and boost energy security.

HYRO has submitted a planning application for a Green Hydrogen Electrolyser (GHE) production and storage facility near Kimberly-Clark's Coleshill manufacturing facility which lies approximately 1km north-west of the town of Flint in North Wales.

The manufacturing facility will use a new hydrogen fuelled boiler, replacing the current boiler which uses polluting natural gas. This will help to decarbonise the paper-making process for much-loved household brands like Andrex® and Kleenex®.

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